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Wolf spiders may not be the most venomous arachnids in the world, but they are certainly intimidating to look at. There exists around 2,300 documented wolf spider species in the world and they are distributed all around the globe. In the United States, 200 wolf spider species can be found dwelling in different regions all over the country, most notably in the southeast US. The wolf spider is the official state spider of North Carolina, making this state the only one in America with a spider as its designated state animal. Although wolf spiders are not believed to inflict medically significant bites, some rare reports describe wolf spider bite wounds that became necrotic. Due to the widespread belief that wolf spiders are dangerous, many homeowners become concerned upon finding the spiders within their home. One man who recently found a large female wolf spider within his home freaked out before finding the female spider’s egg-sac within his home as well. In a panic, the man struck the egg-sac with a club, but this did not seem to harm the hundreds of baby wolf spiders that flooded out of the broken sac, but it did make the wolf spider mother angry.

After finding a large wolf spider within his home, Danny Ford decided to capture footage of the beastly spider in order to prove its massive size to his friends. The video footage captured Ford’s attempt to smash the wolf spider intruder with a broom. The footage also captured Ford’s horror upon witnessing hundreds of baby spiders scurrying out from under the broom. Ford tried to kill the mother spider again while also attempting to sweep the spiderlings into a pile. Not only did the mother wolf spider survive, but the spiderlings promptly spread to every corner of his home. Female wolf spiders carry their offspring within an egg-sac that is kept on the mother’s back. This egg-sac must have made the female wolf spider in Ford’s home appear even larger than they normally are. Ford posted his humorous and frightening struggle on Youtube.

Have you ever watched a video on Youtube that showing people’s struggles with arthropod pests?