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Hot House Treatment for Bed Bugs

New: Heat Treatment

Merrimack Pest Control is introducing a new and revolutionary service into our bed bug treatment offerings, the Hot House Heat Chamber. The Hot House Heat Chamber offers the quick and effective killing of bed bugs in all life stages within hours, without chemicals, and in the hardest to reach places. The heat chambers can even hold several items at once, including mattresses, box springs, headboards, couches and more.

About Hot House Heat Treatment

The Hot House Heat Chamber is light, portable, and frameless, making it quick to set-up up in just 10 minutes. The technology uses an electric heater that forces hot air inside the chamber, and keeps it there. The R rated material is designed to keep the heat contained inside the chamber, and will not set off fire sprinklers. The Hot House Heat Chamber is an economical and effective option for the treatment of bed bugs, and is typically less expensive than large scale treatments. Contact Merrimack Pest Control today at (978) 745-7744, and inquire about our newest service!