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Bed Bug Treatment

Merrimack Pest Control, a division of B & B Pest Control, has been treating bed bugs for over 30 years and has serviced over 10,000 units in that time. Each technician has years of experience in bed bug elimination and their well trained eyes are quickly able to identify where bed bugs are harboring in your home.

Merrimack Pest Control provides a chemical treatment consisting of 3 chemical parts:

  • Knockdown: ExciteR
  • Residual: Suspend or Zenprox
  • IGR: Gentrol

This chemical mix allows technicians to instantly kill all bed bugs that are sprayed, while also providing a long lasting residual that will kill bed bugs after they leave your home. The chemical mix also prevents the eggs and nymphs from hatching or growing.

The bed bug treatment generally consists of 2 sprays (3 sprays for heavier infestations). Merrimack Pest Control provides a 3 month warranty, so if further treatments are needed you are covered under our guarantee.

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