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While most people would naturally assume that young immature cockroaches would resemble adult cockroaches, only smaller, this is not the case. Unlike many insect species, cockroaches undergo a simple metamorphosis, meaning cockroaches grow gradually as they mature. This makes young cockroaches appear similar to adult cockroaches in size. The cockroach pest species that is found indoors most frequently, the German cockroach, grows to be around half an inch in body length, while the American cockroach species grows to be around two full inches in body length. However, more than 4,500 documented cockroach species have been described worldwide, and some species appear radically different than other species. For example, the giant burrowing cockroach can grow in excess of three inches in length, and this is also the heaviest cockroach species in the world. While the giant burrowing cockroach is a pest species that is well known to infest homes and buildings, it can only be found in Australia.

One domestic cockroach pest species that is becoming more common in the northeast states is easily the most unique looking species in the country. This roach pest is known as the brownbanded cockroach, and just as its name suggests, its outer shell features two tan-colored stripes. Both the brownbanded cockroach and the German cockroach are the only two species in the US that dwell solely within indoor habitats. However, the German cockroach is resistant to virtually all insecticides. While this species’ resistance to insecticides is becoming increasingly well known, very few people are aware that eggs produced by all cockroach species are immune to all insecticides. However, this is not much of a concern to pest control professionals, as insecticides are not the primary method of roach control; instead, roaches can be controlled within homes more effectively by locating their specific indoor hiding spots, which allows all indoor roach pests, as well as their eggs, to be exterminated, without having to worry if insecticides reached all indoor roach pests.

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