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Cockroaches are probably the most hated of all commonly encountered insect pests within homes, and this hate is justified, as cockroaches are more than just unpleasant-looking intruders, they also spread disease causing pathogens around homes and they are one of the most common sources of indoor allergens. Many people have taken a can of Raid to roaches within their home, and were lucky enough not to see them again, but other residents are not so lucky. One of the most common and disturbing complaints about large-scale indoor roach infestations is their ability to somehow gain access to heating and air-conditioning ducts within a home. While many people may find it hard to believe that roaches can establish an infestation within ventilation ducts, it should be known that roaches are capable of infesting homes by traveling through pipes that connect drains to sewers. When it comes to finding indoor shelter, no insect is better skilled than the German and American cockroach species.

For those who have heard roaches skittering around within their ventilation ducts, it may come as good news to know that roaches do not like the cold. Therefore, running an air-conditioner at a low temperature-setting for a few hours will likely chase roaches out of ductwork. However, the same cannot be said about high-heat, as roaches are designed to handle high temperature environments. Unless you plan on turning your thermostat up to 90 degrees or more, roaches will not be deterred, and roaches are usually less of a problem indoors during the winter season. It is not hard for roaches to gain access to your air ducts, as roaches simply wait until a room is empty before quickly scooting into a vent. Since most roach pest species, especially German cockroaches, can squeeze through tremendously narrow gaps, they have no problem squeezing between the slots of a vent. If you have cockroaches scurrying around in your air ducts and are worried that they may exit vents at night before falling onto your bed, then a pest control professional can be called upon to eradicate the bugs permanently.

Have you ever heard cockroaches skittering around within your home’s air ducts?