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It is not uncommon for homeowners to notice tiny dark-colored bugs within their kitchen cupboards and pantry. These insects are commonly referred to as “stored product pests” and they consume any food product that is made with grains. These insects easily gain access to sealed food items, and they are most often found within cereal boxes, oatmeal, bread bags and numerous other foods.

There are many different types of insects that are considered stored product pests, but most are beetles and moths. Having a stored product pest infestation requires a thorough inspection of all foods kept within a kitchen, with the exception of refrigerated food items that the pests cannot reach. In most infestation cases, all food items that could possibly become infested with pests are thrown out, but few know how to prevent stored product pest infestations. As it turns out, stored product pests prefer to breed in commercially available rodent baits, so keeping rodenticides out of your home may be wise. If rodenticides are used in a home, they should always be discarded at the appropriate time, as baits that are abandoned within inaccessible voids within a home serves as a particularly strong grain insect attractant.

After stored product pests are eradicated and all infested food items are thrown out, pantries and cupboards must be cleaned throughout. It is important to clean the part of shelves that meet the wall, as food tends to collect in these areas. Flour powder must also be completely removed from every nook and cranny of a kitchen in order to prevent reinfestation. In order to prevent stored product pest infestation from occurring, open packages of food should never be placed on kitchen shelves; instead, food should be kept within tupperware or other containers with tight-fitting lids. Using plastic Ziploc bags instead of tupperware is not recommended. Regularly cleaning a kitchen pantry and cupboards will usually suffice to prevent stored product pest infestations.

Have you ever found insect pests within food products after opening the package?